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Name of drug Beginner Advanced Hardcore
Boldenone 400-500mg/w 600-800mg/w 1000+/w
Clenbuterol 0,02-0,06/ed 0,04-0,10/ed 0,10-0,14/ed
D-Dbol (NPP) 100mg/eod 150-200mg/eod 200mg/ed
Nandrolone decanoate 200-400mg/w 400-600mg/w 800+/w
Testosterone Enanthate 250-500mg/w 500-750mg/w 1000mg+/w
Masteron (Drostanolon propionate) 100mg/eod 150-200mg/eod 200mg/ed
Methandienone (metaxon) 20-30mg/ed 30-60mg/ed 100mg/ed
Metaxon mix 20-30mg/ed 30-60mg/ed 100mg/ed
Mix 1 (NPP+tst.prop.+drostan prop.) 1ml /eod 2ml/eod 2ml/ed
Mix 2 (NPP+tst.prop.+methan.) 1ml /eod 2ml/eod 2ml/eod
Oxymetholone (oxyndrol) 50mg/ed 100-150mg/ed 200mg+/ed
Primobolan depot 600mg/w 800-1000mg/w 1000-1500mg/w
Testosterone Propionate 100mg/eod 100md/ed 200mg/ed
Ripped 250 250mg/eod 250mg/ed 500mg/ed
Stanozol oral ( Stanox ) 20-30mg/ed 30-60mg/ed 60mg+/ed
Stanozolol inj. 50mg/ed 75mg/ed 100mg+/ed
Sustanon-250 250-500mg/w 500-750mg/w 1000mg+/w
T-400 400mg/w 800mg/w 1200mg+
Testosterone cypionate (testex) 250-500mg/w 500-750mg/w 1000mg+/w
Trenbolone Acetate 100mg/eod 150-200mg/eod 200mg/ed
Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate 225mg/w 300*400mg/w 500+/w
Trenbolone enanthate 200-400mg/w 400-600mg/w 700+/w
Turinabol (Turinox) 20-30mg/ed 30-60mg/ed 80-100mg/w
Oxandrolon 40-60mg/ed 60-100mg/ed 100mg+/ed
PCT 1.week 2.week 3.week
Nolvanox 50mg Every day 50mg Every day 25mg Every day
Provinox 75mg Every day 50mg Every day 25mg Every day