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The product Trimex is used for decrease in the body weight for people with overweight, of whom body mass index (BMI) is equal or higher than 28. Active substance is orlistatum. Trimex obstructs your body to absorb the fat from consumed food. By decrease of absorbed amount of fat you will lose weight faster and easier. The product Trimex is combined with the diet with lower intake of calories and lower content of fat. Medicament should not be consumed longer than 6 months. In the case that after 12 weeks of Trimex consummation you will not lose weight, consult the further procedure with your doctor or pharmacist. It is possible that you will have to end the consummation of Trimex.


Daily dose is between 180 – 360 mg, separated into three doses. Each dose is consumed with the main course. Usually it means one capsule during breakfast, lunch and dinner. Make sure that those three meals are balanced, low-caloric and low-fat. If you will leave out the meal or the meal, which does not contain any fat, do not consume the capsule. Trimex is effective only in the case, when you consume food containing fat.

Side effects:

Similar to all medicaments, also but by consummation of the product Trimex exists the risk of side effects formation. However, those are only light and disappear immediately after the end of consummation. Most commonly it is: diarrhea, headaches, febricity, cold, appetite loss, or nausea.


Not suitable for pregnant and breast-feeding women. Do not consume if you use also cyclosporin, wafarin or other medicaments for decrease of blood clotting. Not suitable for patients with allergy on any ingredient of the product, or patients with cholestasis (blocking of gall outflow from liver) and have problems with food absorption. 

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