A few frequently asked questions

1.Do you have a minimum order amount?

No, we don't. We are mainly concentrated on large orders but we won't deny if you'd like to place an order to try us so if your order is small.

2.Is ordering from you secure, where is my info stored?

We are almost 8 years in this business so we know what is security. Our database is located on 4 encrypted servers in different locations and is being moved from time to time, so you may not worry about this. We haven't ever had any customer who had problems with law enforcement because of us.

3.sending a package from the EU?


4.How long is the delivery time?

delivery time depends on the country the default is 3-15 days. Of course there are some exceptions.
provide examples:
Finland- 5-15days
Sweeden- 5-15days
France- 3-5days
Spain- 3-7days
UK - 5-14days
Germany- 2-5days
Austria - 2-5 days
Ukraine- 4-10days
Belgium- 3-10days
Italy - 4-10days
US-  10-20days
Canada- 10-20days
Australia -10-20days

5.What payment methods do you accept?

We accept many types of payment, please contact us and we will offer you the best payment method.