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  • Extreme muscle mass growth
  • Strong anabolic effects
  • Hyperplasia of muscle fibers
  • Results also without the exercising
  • Rejuvenescent effect
  • Body performance improvement
  • Fat burning



Ten years appeared on the world of bodybuilders shocking news. Scientists have found out, how to have big muscles with the minimal effort related to the workout. They have found out that the key for this condition of the organism of a blockade of myostatine (GDF-8 - protein obstructing the growth of muscle mass).

Myostatine – is one of growth factors, which obstructs the growth of muscle fibers. It means that if we have in the body higher concentration of myostatine, it causes the slower growth of muscles. The protein of myostatine is produced by cells of skeleton muscles; it circulates in blood and influences the muscle fibers.

Follistatin is also known as peptide of “lazy”. Its unique qualities are in the fact that you do not need the regular training if you want to have a great form. The lower values of myostatine, the more muscles you will gain. Follistatin is autocrine glycoprotein, which is coded by FST gen and it is produced in almost all fibers. The main task of Follistatin is to block effects of myostatine.

In published studies was proved that application of 100 mcg Follistatin increased the muscle mass by 5 kg in 10 days!

Notable is also the influence on rejuvenation of fibers. The older you are, the less Follistatin you have, which subsequently negatively influences the level of myostatine. The result is decrease of muscle fibers.


From available material we know that the most optimal results are achieved by dosing of 100 - 200 mcg once a day, for 10 - 20 days.

Warning: Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Not suitable for pregnant and breast-feeding women. Keep away from children, store on cold and dark place.