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HGH Fragment (176-191)

Description: HGH peptide fragment is a modified form of the amino acids 176-191.

HGH fragment is a modified form of amino acids 176-191 in the C - terminal region of the peptide of the human growth hormone (HGH). This peptide as the name suggests, forms part of the growth hormone. HGH fragment 176-191 stimulates lipolysis (breakdown of fat) and inhibits lipogenesis (formation of fatty acids and other lipids in the body).It is estimated that HGH fragment (176-191) is 12.5 more powerful in the fight against subcutaneous fat than growth hormone itself. In clinical studies on animal subjects was found that the dose of 500 mcg daily increased lipolytic activity in adipose tissues and this without affecting the blood glucose levels. Even though the HGH Fragment has the same effect as growth hormone, it does not cause hyperglycemia, because it doesn't compete with GH receptor. Therefore, it can be used on decreasing excess abdominal fat. In addition to the positive effects on reducing body fat, it is noteworthy to mention the fact that HGH Fragment (176-191) has a strong anabolic effect to help positively influence muscle growth and speed up the regeneration process.


Benefits of taking HGH Fragment (176-191)


  • Stimulation of lipolysis
  • Inhibition of lipogenesis
  • Reduction of abdominal (belly) fat
  • Improves regeneration of joints, tendons and muscles
  • It provides muscle growth and muscle mass
  • Strong anabolic effects









In most studies, the favourable results were obtained with doses of 500 to 1000 mcg per day, or the use of 5-10 mcg per kg of weight, split into 2-3 doses during the day. No negative side effects when taking in such a way were observed. In practice, however, we find various dosage schedules: either conservative taken at doses of 750 mcg per day (250 mcg dose administered in the morning, before lunch and before bedtime, or aggressive dose 1050 mcg divided into individual doses of 350 mcg applied in the morning, 30 minutes before training and before bedtime). To maximize the impact, the available literature suggests the combination with anabolic steroids, with which there have been recorded massive increases in muscle mass and strength.