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1. General

Terms and Conditions of malaytiger-shop.org apply to the purchase in the online store www.malaytiger-shop.org  and its sub-sites. The purpose of these terms and conditions is to define and clarify the rights and obligations of the seller (supplier) on the one hand and the buyer (customer, consumer) on the other.

All contractual relationship between the seller and buyer are closed in accordance with the laws of the European Union.

2. Definitions

Consumer contract - a contract of sale if the parties are on one hand the contractor, and on the other the consumer.

The seller (supplier)   - A person who, in concluding and executing the contract acts within the scope of his trade or business. It is the entrepreneur who offers or sells consumer products or services and also an entrepreneur who, directly or through other businesses supplies the product to buyer.

Consumer (buyer) - a natural or legal person who buys goods or services for personal use from a supplier.

Terms and Conditions   - Contractual provisions agreed in this document between buyer and seller. The buyer at the time of dispatch of his order confirms that he agrees to these terms and conditions in force at the time of dispatch of his order and is bound by them upon closing of the purchase contract. Buyer by submitting his order confirms that prior to this order he has familiarized himself with these terms and conditions and unreservedly agrees with these business conditions.


3. Method of closing the contract of sale

The purchase contract is concluded with a binding acceptance of the proposal to conclude a purchase contract by the seller in the form of e-mail messages sent by the buyer to the seller and / or buyer in the form of completing and submitting the form on the seller's website. (Hereinafter "Order").

Binding acceptance of the buyer's order by the seller is the e-mail confirmation by the seller to the buyer with acceptation of the order after previous receipt of the order by the buyer and verification of availability and delivery date of goods required by the buyer, identified as "order confirmation”. The automatically executed notice of the order to the electronic system shall not be deemed as binding acceptance of the order by the seller.

Binding acceptance of the order contains data of the name and specification of goods which sale is subject of the purchase agreement, further details of the price of goods and / or other services, the name and address of the buyer, respectively address where the goods are to be delivered, and information about the price, mode of transport of goods to the named place of delivery for the buyer or other data.

4. Obligations of the seller

The Seller undertakes to deliver:

1. The type and quantity of goods in the purchase price and payment terms that apply at the date of dispatch of the order, except for manifest errors in the event of significant changes in the price of goods.
2. Goods which will be suitably packaged to prevent damage during transport.

We are not responsible for:

1. Late delivery of goods caused by post or courier.

2. Late delivery of goods caused by misstated address of the recipient.

3. Damaged package caused by shipment by post or courier.

4. The selection of goods by the buyer. If, after receipt of the goods the buyer finds that the goods don't match his expectations, purchased goods will not be exchanged.


The following are not provided:

1. Claim of ordered goods

2. Return of purchased goods

3. The exchange of purchased goods for other goods after delivery to the purchaser


5. Obligations of the buyer

The buyer undertakes to:

1. Receive the goods ordered, check the integrity of packages, if any defects immediately notify us of these.  
2. Pay the purchase price for goods in the amount and in accordance with the terms of payment applicable at the date of dispatch of the order. Order will be sent to the buyer by the seller within 48 hours after the payment is credited to the account of the seller.


6. Withdrawal from the ordered goods

Buyer's right to cancel the order without any reason within 24 hours of placing the order. In the unlikely event that payment for the goods will be credited to the seller and the buyer withdraws from the order by the deadline, payment will be credited to and send back to the account of the buyer within 7 days of order cancellation.

The right of withdrawal is the consumer obliged to apply via e-mail.

8. Payment Terms

In the online store www.malaytiger-shop.org buyer can pay the purchase price as follows:

Cash on delivery - N/A.


Payment card - Payment with credit or debit card VISA, VISA Electron and MasterCard. This way you can pay regardless of which bank issued your card. Works like internet banking, but instead of entering the account number you enter details of your credit card. Entering this information takes place with a secure payment system TrustPay, we don't have access to any data on your card. As a variable symbol place your order number. This number, as well as all the necessary information for the transfer, will be sent to your e-mail immediately after you submit your order.

Payment by bank transfer (internet banking) - The most frequently used method of payment.

Your order will be processed upon receipt of your payment to our account. As a variable symbol please indicate your order number (no other word data). This number as well as the necessary data for the transfer will be sent to your e-mail immediately after you submit your order.


9. Delivery terms

Delivery period begins on the date of receipt of a binding order, which contains all necessary information for its processing. The order is accepted and dispatched within 2 working days. If the ordered goods are not in stock, the seller undertakes to immediately notify the buyer and agree with him on how to proceed. www.malaytiger-shop.org online store markets its products through: courier - free shipping within 2-4 working days. A customer who chooses this type of transport, should reside at the time of delivery at the address stated in the order (this is the most appropriate mode of transport if you want to deliver the shipment to the workplace, for example).If the courier will not reach you at the delivery address, the courier will contact you by phone and agree with you on how to proceed.

10. Shipping costs

According to Art. 10 commercial terms, the seller charges the following rates to the price of the goods ordered, for delivery:

Value of order

Shipping and handling

Online Payment / Credit card

€ 0 to € 300

€ 20


€ 300 and more



In the event of any change we will contact you.

Prices are valid for the entire European Union. Products purchased outside the EU are send by postal service. Delivery time is between 7-12 working days.

11. The more you buy, the more you save

Every customer registered with us will receive a starting discount of 5% on all products when you register on our e-shop www.malaytiger-shop.org

Even ordinary registered buyers with us can work towards a 12% discount. For each purchase in excess of € 50 you will receive an automatic discount of 0.5%. Of course + 5% for your registration, and until you reach the limit of 12%. You reached level of discount is valid at least 60 days (unless at the time you reach higher purchase discount).If you don't make a purchase for 100 EUR within the period of 60 days, your discount will fall off by 0.5%, but as a registered user never less than 5%. If, within 60 days you purchase in one transaction for at least 100 Euros, you extend the discount for an additional 60 days.

The orientation of achieving reductions will help you follow summary table:

Example:You can check your actual discount on the login panel. You will see it on your left before placing an order.

Stuart is registered to malaytiger-shop.org. As a registered user he has an immediate discount of 5%.Delighted, he made a purchase for 120 Euros, which increased his discount by 2 x 0.5% = 6%. With the next purchase, Stuart will have an automatic discount 5% + 2 x 0.5% = 6%. Stuart made a purchase ​​after 45 days for 55 Euros at a discount of 6%. Therefore, he kept his discount of 6% for further 60 days, even increased hid discount by 0.5% = 6.5%. If within the next 60 days he will not make a single purchase over 50 Euros, his discount rate would reduce to 5.5% for the next 60 days.

How to buy

Shopping on our e-shop is very simple. You choose the products you want to buy and click on Add to Cart. Once you have selected all the products you want to order click on the

left panel to shopping cart, where you will see the contents of your shopping cart and where you can edit the quantity of products or remove them from the basket. When you are satisfied with your order you choose delivery method and click the button to order. In the next step, your order is displayed again, and if you have a voucher you can apply a discount coupon. In the next step, fill in your contact information and click Continue. The last step is to confirm the order, you can confirm via sms code or reference link in the e-mail. Then you will receive to your e-mail address the information after the payment for your order has been made. After payment we will send you the order and tracking code.