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Though some peptides (ipamorelin) are an exception to this rule, almost all peptide varieties have an inbuilt “saturation” dose that, when surpassed, provides no surplus benefit to the user.

Anabolic steroids are actually similar in that many of them will not be any more effective for being taken in excessive doses when compared to maximum “upper case” lower level intakes (trenbolone for instance hasn’t been shown to have any greater effect on average when taken in 1,000 mg measurements compared to 400 – 500 mg measurements.)

What can potentially occur when the dose is dramatically increased however are more side effects, presented in a more potent fashion than they would be with a “sensible” and functionally useful intake.

Luckily, there is much less “guess work” involved with peptides, and we have an accessible and safe means of gauging when we are having “too much” as opposed to anabolic steroids that tend to be more “open ended” and open to risky interpretation.

Peptides should be taken (unless stated otherwise) at a ratio of 1 mcg per kg of bodyweight for a maximally effective, safe dose.

It’s theorised that doubling the amount listed here would potentially yield only a 50% efficiency increase, and adding a further 100 mcg would yield a final 25% increase before any surplus benefit entirely disappears with further dose increases.

Please note that this latter statement is a theory only, and is not currently supported by scientific evidence. Sticking with the saturation dose is still by far the best means of guaranteeing safety in conjunction with optimal efficiency.

It’s actually with this latter theory in mind that many bodybuilders choose to surpass their “saturation” dose.

Due to the product only needing to be integrated every 3 – 4 days or once per week, many aesthetically minded individuals will try to “make up” for the dosage on the missed days I.E injecting 700 mcg to cater for all seven days of a cycle week when injecting once per week.

In regards to whether or not this is effective; it’s hard to scientifically support this concept.

What it’s important to remember is that CJC 1295 may last for up to 8 days in the system, but regardless of the quantity in mcg of the product ingested per injection, it’s active life is likely going to start “falling off” within 3 – 4 days at the most.

This means that even when ingested at an intake of 700 mcg; the same principle will still apply and it’s potency will begin to drop off and diminish.

Whether or not the higher intake would result in a higher “minimum” potency level over the course of the week is debatable (for instance 100mcg after three to four days in the body could potentially yield much less effect than a “dropped potency” 700 mcg dose which could theoretically maintain a higher growth hormone “baseline” until the next injection.)

At this stage, it’s all purely speculation without stringently controlled scientific test results to back either theory, but the one constant you can rely on is that dosing at an intake of 1mcg per kg of body weight either every 3-4 days or 7 days is going to be the best means of guaranteeing safety and lack of waste.

You may wish to experiment with higher doses, but you need to be aware that side effect potential will likely increase in the process, though your results could possibly be enhanced at least in regards to anabolic capacity / fat burning.

Ordinarily speaking (with most other peptide varieties) exceeding the saturation dose will not yield excess benefit.