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folistatin is a bioactive peptide, which can be found in all tissues of an organism. Its major role is inhibition of myostatin (growth differentiation factor, GDF-8), a peptide which suppresses development of muscle tissue.

The regulatory effect of myostatin is evident in animals (including humans) with damaged myostatin gene. They have an extraordinary muscular development and much higher level of strength.

Thus, by inhibiting myostatin one can greatly increase the muscle mass. Naturally it occurs under the proper stimuli, such as weight training.

There are reports that Follistatin has fat burning properties. It also inhibits the action of activin and other members of TGF-beta superfamily.

Since follistatin synthesis drops with age, the negative effect of myostatin increases. In addition to inhibition of muscle development, myostatin induces the regeneration of adipose tissue.

One should mention that follistatin is not yet approved for human use. Therefore, you can purchase it with the label “for research purposes”. However, bodybuilders throughout the world use this substance for fast gaining of muscle mass.

Recent studies revealed that Folistatin significantly increases muscle mass and strength. Besides, it showed anti-aging effect on different tissues, which is comparable with the effect of melatonin.


  • Increases muscle mass and strength, due to myostatin inhibition
  • Has powerful anabolic activity, induces hypertrophy and hyperplasia of muscle cells
  • Has recovery effect in case of injury
  • Enhances performance
  • Fat burning effect
  • Anti-aging effect


A combination of the following peptides may provide better results than solo usage.

  • MGF (Mechanical growth factor)
  • PEG – MGF (PEG protected MGF is more powerful than simple MGF)
  • IGF1-LR3
  • GHRP-2
  • CJC without DAC
  • GH (Growth hormone)


In order to get good results you should have at least 2 trainings a week. However, avoid overtraining. Make one training as a “main” and the other less intensive, with fewer sets.


It’s important to say that women should avoid this substance, since it can cause polycystic ovarian syndrome. In different trials (both animal and human) Follistatin didn’t show negative effects, at least during short term usage. However, the substance is rather new and the studies are still in progress, therefore you should be careful.


The optimal dosage of Follistatin-344 is 100 – 200 mcg per day (200 mcg provide better results). Do subcutaneous or intramuscular injections with insulin needle. The duration of a cycle is 3 weeks. Then take a 6-week break before the next cycle.

There is an alternative scheme for follistatin usage: take it for 10 days, then make a 10-day break, then repeat. It’s important to make at least 6-week rest after 4-5 such mini-cycles. For better results increase the amount of calories in your diet.


After dilution you can store the follistatin solution for 14 days at a temperature of 2 – 8 ° C.


Follistatin 344 can become a powerful alternative to steroids. Since it is rather new and under-researched drug you shouldn’t take it on regular basis. Make breaks between cycles as we mentioned above. If you follow instructions you will see that this drug can do wonders.
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