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CHEMICAL NAME: 9-fluoro-11,17-dihydroxy-10,13,17-trimethyl-1,2,6,7,8,11,12,14,15,16-decahydrocyclopenta[a]phenanthren-3-one
HALF RELEASE: 9.5 hours
Anabolic RATING: 1900
Androgenic RATING: 850

Provides a huge increase in strength and weight in a short timeone of the most dangerous of oral steroids
Increases the synthesis and proteosynthesis and glycogenesis risk of acne, hair loss, body hair growth
Accelerates the muscle regeneration risk of gynecomastia
Strongest oral anabolic steroid suppresses natural production of androgenic hormones
Causes an increase in the number of red blood cells increased blood pressure due to excessive water retention in the body
resulting in excessive muscle pump effect increased aggressiveness
is highly toxic to the liver


Fluoxymesterone is a synthetic derivative of testosterone, specifically methyltestosterone derivative (testosterone, which is methylated).Fluoxymesterone is not able to be aromatized to estrogen, and has a very strong androgenic activity.Anabolic power of fluoxymesterone is rated number 1900 and androgenic strength rated with value 850. Having compared these values ​​with testosterone we see how fluoxymesterone has immense power in terms of its anabolic capacity to build muscle as well as its androgenic strength.For comparison, an anabolic and androgen power of testosterone is rated with the number 100.Thanks to this we can say that fluoxymesterone is incredibly 19 times more anabolic and an impressive 8.5 times more androgenic than testosterone.

Fluoxymesterone is extremely powerful anabolic steroid, stronger than trenbolone, which is considered the most powerful anabolic steroid conventionally available.

Since fluoxymesterone is highly hepatotoxic, and has negative influences on cholesterol profile of blood in health it is only used to treat male androgen deficiency.Although for the same purposes testosterone represents a safer and simpler treatment, fluoxymesterone is today still available by prescription in the United States.

Fluoxymesterone has added methyl group at carbon 17 (hence the name derived from 17-alpha) and halo-group on the 9th carbon.Adding a methyl group at carbon 17 is the change that provides the hormone the ability to survive metabolism in the liver, and thus allow a greater amount of hormone to successfully get into the bloodstream. Unfortunately, this modification also increases the rate of hepatotoxicity (liver toxicity). Connecting halogen to any substance is called halogenation. In our case to the testosterone was attached with fluorine (halogenated).

The halogenation is responsible for the massive increase in androgen and anabolic forces of fluoxymesterone compared with testosterone and methyltestosterone.

Compared with testosterone fluoxymesterone has one more change and that is the attached hydroxyl group (an oxygen bonded to a hydrogen atom) on the 11th carbon.Connection of the hydroxyl group at carbon-11 accounts for the fluoxymesterone inability to react with enzyme aromatase and therefore preventing it conversion to estrogen.


It is one of the few anabolic-androgenic steroids, which abused dose is significantly lower than the so-called therapeutic dose, commonly used in the treatment process. The package leaflet usually indicates a therapeutic dosage of 1-5 mg per kg body weight. Available information suggests that athletes due to the high toxicity of the substance opt for the optimal dose to be 50-100 mg per day. Its half-life (biological half-life) is 8-9 hours. Obviously, only short-term abuse of this substance should be considered (maximum 3-5 weeks) because the receptors that react to this substances do so only for a short period. However, as oxymetholone causes a significant reduction in the level of natural androgens, after discontinuation the vast majority of gains are lost. Quality PCT is therefore a necessity.

Athletes take oxymetholone primarily as a "starter" substance at the beginning of the injection cycle, the effect of which is slow (e.g. with testosterone, nandrolone, methenolonom, boldenone). Separate use of oxymetholone does not make sense, because the results are hardly sustainable.